Who is Ellspins?

Welcome to Ellspins!

My name is Tamara, and I live in Alberta, Canada. I am one of those people that can’t sit still, and who’s mind keeps thinking up cool things to make. Then more cool things.

As a working mom, my day tends to lack an element of creativity.  My evenings and weekends, however, are usually full of wood shavings, fabric, thread, yarn, glue and other items. One of these days I will clean it all up. Again.

Hand Turned Fiber Tools

I have been turning for many years, and spinning for around the same amount of time. It really wasn’t until about mid 2016 that I decided to join the two passions together. I started turning spindles for my friends, and one thing lead to another. Come visit my group on Facebook!

Pin-back Buttons

I sell 1.50″ pin-back buttons for fiber artist of all kinds, people who like a little sass, and for people who like a lot of sass!

My sassy sense of humor shows through very well with my pin-back buttons.  Currently they are only available for sale on Etsy, or if you happen to catch me at one of my craft fairs. Some of the buttons

are NSFW (Not Safe For Work), so here are links to the direct categories for those who would like to avoid the naughty ones.

Do you have a saying you would like on a button? Special orders are always welcome!

Spinning Instruction

I have been teaching hand spinning (yes, on a spinning wheel, not a bike) for 10 years. I do offer private lessons, but most of the time I teach group classes at Heritage Park in Calgary, Canada. Check out their adult education page for details!

Would you like to learn? Do you have a wheel that needs to be brought back to life? Would you like me to come demo spinning to your guild or group? Let me know!

Knitting/Crochet Designs

Once upon a time (2010 to be precise), I was looking for a knitting design online and couldn’t find one. I decided to design it myself, then I decided to share it with others! That was just the first of many, and once I get them all out of my head I will be a very happy girl.  I like creating things that are fun, a little unique and sometimes a little mind bending. It’s all in good fun though. Let me know if you have made one of my designs, or if you are in the process and would like to ask a question!

Check them out at on my Ravelry shop.

Handbags and Embroidery

I love to sew handbags, mostly because I think they are so cool. I usually want to keep each new bag for myself, but I resist the urge and many a handbag has found their new forever home.

I also love to make lots of other items like hooded towels, felt car tracks, and felt masks. Adding embroidery to my own items (and to other everyday objects) to make them extraordinary just adds to the enjoyment!

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